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Minneapolis Fed Appoints Patrice Kunesh as Co-Director of Center for Indian Country Development
Posted on Wednesday December 31, 1969

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has appointed Patrice Kunesh as co-director of the Center for Indian Country Development (CICD).

(PRWeb June 26, 2015)

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Despite Continued Increases in Obesity Rates, Children ages 2-5 Improve Obesity after participation in a Head Start Center project in MS and LA
Posted on Wednesday December 31, 1969

Despite rates of obesity continuing to increase among some low-income children ages 2-5, new results from the first of its kind study show that obesity measures significantly improved among children ages 2-5 who participate in Head Start Center-based nutrition and healthy living programming, as compared to children not in the program. Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, this program “shows much promise to reduce obesity rates of young children throughout our nation, using Head Start Centers as primary settings for this type of intervention,” says Dr. Danielle Hollar the study lead investigator.

(PRWeb June 25, 2015)

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Minns and Arnett Beat Internal Revenue Service, Win Matteson Case
Posted on Wednesday December 31, 1969

Minns and Arnett, one of the top criminal tax firms in the United States, successfully defended a client charged with four counts of income tax evasion, ultimately securing a not guilty verdict.

(PRWeb June 24, 2015)

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Short Stories of All Kinds for Readers of All Kinds
Posted on Wednesday December 31, 1969

New collection from author Vic Amato considers the nature of humanity in the modern world.

(PRWeb June 22, 2015)

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Jake’s Fireworks Introduces New York Legal Fireworks
Posted on Wednesday December 31, 1969

Leading the nation’s existing fireworks market, Jake’s Fireworks will be among the first to deliver a full line of consumer grade fireworks to New York State consumers, wholesalers and fundraising organizations. Sales run June 1 through July 5, 2015.

(PRWeb June 08, 2015)

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